Anti-Viral Cream 30 ml.

Apply Aroma Medica’s ANTI-VIRAL CREAM at your first symptoms of a cold or influenza, a small amount often. You will minimize your viral cold or flu, shortening its course, sometimes so much, you wonder if you were really getting sick. Gently massage around and under your nose, over congested sinuses and down front of neck. When travelling by plane, use before and every two hours during your flight prophylactically, so you can be healthy when you reach our destination. You can use it to prevent getting sick when you have been in the company of sick people. Aroma Medica’s ANTI-VIRAL CREAM is also good for shingles and recurrent herpes. Here, apply gently directly on the affected area several times a day. We have also seen positive results with people suffering from hepatitis and chronic fatigue syndrome; these people applied Aroma Medica’s ANTI-VIRAL CREAM anywhere on their body three or four times a day. Aroma Medica's ANTI-VIRAL CREAM contains eight pure essential oils in a creamy base. They help decrease the rate at which viruses multiple and assist your immune system to respond to the viral assault. They also help your liver clear toxins created every time your body fights such a challenge.

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Anti-Viral Cream 30 ml. AM061$19.95
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