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Anti-Viral Lip Balm 7 ml.

Aroma Medica’s ANTI-VIRAL LIP BALM is very helpful for herpes lesions, cold sores, fever blisters or what ever you prefer to call them. Use at first burning, tingling sensation and repeat until gone; you may not even get the blister if you use soon enough. If the blister has blossomed, Aroma Medica’s ANTI-VIRAL LIP BALM will shorten the healing time. The Lip Balm contains the same blend of eight pure essential oils as Aroma Medica’s ANTI-VIRAL CREAM, but in a pomade base that moisturizes your lips and stays on better. This is an item our customers rave about. No one likes the pain or look of cold sores; Aroma Medica's Anti-Viral Lip Balm will help you with that.

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Anti-Viral Lip Balm 7 ml. AM067$12.95
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