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2 Jars of Cellulite Cream, 60 ml ea

Cellulite is that dimpled, unsightly fat that doesn't seem to change, no matter what we do. Women get it, men don't. Why? Cellulite is Nature's way of clearing fat soluble toxins from the body and holding them out of circulation to protect any developing fetus. So if you are not pregnant (or nursing), Aroma Medica's CELLULITE CREAM can help activate the slower metabolism of cellulite fat. As these cells are activated, they begin to release the stored toxins and act as regular fat cells. Now they are amenable to changes through diet and exercize, like regular fat cells. They loose the dimpled appearance and the grainy texture. But it does take time, after all, the cellulite didn't develop overnight.

So Aroma Medica® put together this package of two jars of CELLULITE CREAM to give you a good start. Use the cream, a light layer twice daily, over the areas of cellulite. For the first few days you may feel tired or "off" as the toxins begin to be released. After the first several weeks of using the cream, decrease to once a day use. Decrease the toxins you put into your body. As the appearance and texture of cellulite changes, now the fat cells can be altered by exercize and weight loss.

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