Hair Renew 30 ml.

Aroma Medica's HAIR RENEW is a blend of five pure essential oils in a pomade base with vitamin E and lanolin. The pure essential oils used have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory action. This combination promotes a healthy scalp and healthy hair follicles that can grow hairs and hold onto each hair longer. This makes HAIR RENEW great for thinning hair. Two of these essential oils are noted to promote hair growth from follicles that have lost hair before their time. Massage a tiny amount directly onto scalp and leave on at least 20 - 30 minutes, overnight is better. First fewer hairs will fall out; hair growth will follow later from the healthier follicles. It is also a good conditioner for hair and scalp, especially dry, brittle or treated hair. Trials have not found this useful for male pattern baldness where follicles have been lost.

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Hair Renew 30 ml. AM161$24.95
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