Mouthwash Concentrate 10 ml.
w/ Dropper Insert

The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties of essential oils make them perfect for Aroma Medica's MOUTHWASH CONCENTRATE. Use a few drops in warm water, use most before brushing. Save the last swish for after brushing. It leaves a pleasant taste and feel in your mouth. Regular use helps prevent build up of plaque and tarter and decreases bacteria in gingivitis. When there are mouth ulcers, this can be used at double strength and as often as necessary. Our customers have found use helpful for Thrush (fungal infections), mouth ulcers (often viral ulcers) and gingivitis, usually bacterial.

The small bottle of MOUTHWASH Concentrate is easy to pack for travelling and small to fit in your medicine cabinet.

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Mouthwash 10 ml. AM182$11.95
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