Skin Renew Extra 60 ml.
(w/ Vitamins C & E
and Organic Green Tea)

Aroma Medica's SKIN RENEW EXTRA is a moisturizing, soothing blend of eight essential oils with Vitamins C & E and organic green tea blended in a creamy base to combat aging or sun damaged skin and little wrinkles. It promotes growth of skin from bottom layers, helping those cells stay plump (for the fine lines) and thickening skin so it can protect you from environmental factors. SKIN RENEW EXTRA lightens wrinkles and mild scarring when used regularly for 2-4 weeks. We have many clients (both women and men) who have used this following surgery or after trauma to help lessen scarring. Here, begin use as soon as the skin has closed; do not put into an open wound.

The catechins from the green tea help to protect and heal you from sun over-exposure.

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Skin Renew Extra 60 ml. AM272$39.95
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