Fibromyalgia Balm  60 ml

Fibromyalgia is a symptom complex that includes tight, painful muscles, “trigger points” at these muscles (where a slight pressure is perceived as very painful), poor sleep, fatigue, frequent headaches (some severe), poor stamina, irritable bowel syndrome,and even sometimes significant depression. People who have Fibromyalgia have more sensitive pain perception in their brains. Thus an important part of management of Fibromyalgia is breaking the cycle of pain, tension, sleeplessness, more pain, more tension and poorer sleep.

Dr. DePaula of Aroma Medica® has researched the most current literature to learn more about which essential oils can best relax those tight, tense muscles and ease pain in those muscles and at the “trigger points.” She has developed Firbromyalgia Balm, a blend of eleven pure essential oils in a creamy base that can be massaged gently into those tight muscles, especially the shoulders, neck and back. It is advisable to use a thin layer three or four times a day, with the last application near bedtime. Aroma Medica®’s Firbromyalgia Balm can be used along with other medical treatments, including muscle relaxants, analgesics, sleep aids, physical therapy, acupuncture and others. Fibromyalgia is sufficiently challenging to treat that it warrants more than one approach at a time. As improvement is noted using Aroma Medica®’s Firbromyalgia Balm, the sedating analgesics or muscle relaxants may be decreased, improving energy levels and concentration.

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