You can stop smoking now!  Even for people who have not succeeded before.

Aroma Medica®‘s formulator, Geraldine DePaula, M.D., has been researching the difficulty that smokers have in stopping smoking. We all know that nicotine is addicting, but so are the social and psychological aspects of smoking.

There is research that shows that nicotine replacement (gum, patches or nasal spray) can reduce the withdrawal symptoms of stopping smoking. But they do not meet the need for the “rush” that comes with smoking each cigarette. This is a significant factor in people failing in their attempts to stop smoking. More than 80% of smokers in the US express a desire to quit smoking. 35% try to stop in any one year, but less than 5% are successful in unaided attempts to quit.

So Dr. DePaula developed Stop Smoking Aid for Aroma Medica®. She utilized many essential oils, looking at many properties of each oil, to develop a blend that meets the needs of a smoker trying to quit. The oils need to replace the “rush” that cigarettes provide, but without cigarettes’ carcinogens and substances that contribute to high rates of cardiovascular and pulmonary disease among smokers. Stop Smoking Aid will be especially helpful for the “non-essential” cigarettes smoked each day. When the person quitting is down to the last 4 -6 cigarettes a day, he or she may need some additional support or help to stop these and not go right back to previous levels of smoking.

Stop Smoking Aid is a blend of pure essential oils diluted in a blend of natural nut and seed oils. It comes in a 10 ml. bottle with a dropper insert for safety measures. The smoker quitting needs to take some deep, belly breaths through the nose while holding the Stop Smoking Aid under his/her nose. It is safe to do this many times a day, if needed. Remember, a 1 pack per day smoker might inhale cigarette smoke 200 or more times a day. Alternately, a person could put a drop of Stop Smoking Aid right under his/ her nose. Over time the need will decline and the use will become less frequent. When the ex-smoker has succeeded and knows he/she no longer needs the Stop Smoking Aid, there may still be plenty left over to help another smoker quit.

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